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This hand is finally starting to come together, 27 hours in and I am pretty pleased with it. The last 6 hours I will work more into the light areas, finding more edges to emphasise or lose.

keeping with the hand theme I managed to amend the structure of this hand however I didn't put the correct colors down for it. This was a mindful decision, I wanted to focus on the shape before I thought about colour. We have another 6 hours on this painting so this this time I will correct the colour of the hand, work on the owls a little more and figure out how to make the background a little more interesting than it is now.

My still life is in phase 2 and I think it's going well, I've started to key in the major elements like the spoon, glass and magpie. With another 2 weeks left to work on this I am excited that I have enough time to play with it. This week I will work on the magpie, the background and shadows I feel like need a little more work and of course time given the spoon and pieces of sugar. Highlights and refining the drawing over all I will like to leave for the last week. Having a game plan helps me organise my time and focus of those tasks per session.

Gesture an anatomy:

quick 40 min drawings keying in some of the muscles

Over the weekend I wiped off one of my old drawings from school and used the paper to practice a portrait. I managed to keep it simple however since it was an old piece of paper half way through it has given in and I wasn't able to push the drawing any further than this stage. There is loads I would love to correct but the paper won't allow for that. So for now it was great to practice on.

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