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Advanced Cast

During my second term back in February I spent 9 weeks working on one cast drawing. Drafting fundamentally is one of the most important parts of any image however being able to work on a piece beyond 3-6 hours is equally as valuable. In the regular classes typically we would not get as much time to spend on one piece therefore you never push yourself beyond those time limitations, in advanced cast you cannot escape (ever). The following are some of the stages of my development on my first 27 hour cast drawing.

Faint eveloping of the overall shape of the cast

Lightly mapping out the shadow shapes and refining the shape of the cast

Adding the background and shadow so I can see my shapes better in the light

Smoothing out the modeling in the lights an darks

Made the background and shadows darker to lose some of the edges that turn away from the light

Finished off lighting the background a little bit more and picking out edges to keep hard, soft or lost

After 9 weeks of working on this drawing back and forth the paper started to give in and wearout, therefore I wish my blending and transitions were a little smoother and the background a little more even but for my first advanced cast drawing it is a reasonable start.


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