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This term has been one of the most challenging for me, I felt like I had taken on more than I could handle as well as juggling friends and family in the mix. However it's over now and I am still alive! I set myself a few challenges for the term which was to improve in figure and portrait painting, paint more directly (one session painting) and to paint different types of materials.

We get stuck straight into this jar of pickles that I painted directly, I also thought it was cool to paint a jar of pickles since you have to describe the form inside glass. Surprisingly this was not wildly tricky, it was quite fun and actually really nice to paint something quickly in a session. Looking back to 2018 when I started my journey at the Atelier I don't believe I would have been able to produce anything this quickly in a session so this jar of pickles is almost like one of those landmark paintings that show me how much I have improved.

Excuse the glare of the light. Again another single session painting of chillies in a jar of olive oil. I was again quite please with this one and found it very fun and satisfying to paint. Again no major challenges here.

Although the gummy bear painting below is hugely unfinished this had to be one of the most challenging paintings i've done this term. There was so many different things to balance such as temperatures, perspective and the background in general was just a nightmare. Of course texture among all that was its own beast. I will definitely be finishing this painting soonish, just setting it up again would be the main challenge but once that hurdle is over come it's smooth sailing from there.

Moving onto figures which have been the biggest bane of my life I feel like I definitely had some breakthrough moments in school with these two. The first one was not even worth sharing however the ones below are where I felt like I learnt the most, The areas I would generally get caught up in would be colour mixing and the shadows as well as the anatomy. Although these aren't the best figures you will ever see I believe I learnt a lot from them and they are definitely of the first batch that I am pleased with.

My favourite of all has to be this one of one of my favourite models Jeremy. This was an interesting once since my original teacher had to leave on a business trip I had 2 different substitute teachers helping me through this figure. The combination of all 3 teachers assisting this one drawing of mine taught me a lot and clearly pushed me in the right way to get the best out of me. I feel like he feels fleshy, The values and tones were organised well in the end and the anatomy of his body feel right in the image. I purposely chose not to add the background because it was about 5 different crazy colours that really added nothing to the pose itself.

Below is a copy of a figure painting originally painted by the artist Robert Liberace on Linen.

This painting is again one of those break through paintings where my teacher had encouraged me to paint in a particular way. Using more colours being more direct with my brush work and not over blending. This led to a more stylised, playful and better rendered portrait that I have done so far. It took about 10 weeks to paint, 3 hours a week which taught me a lot in structuring, not rushing and organising.

Last be certainly not least I have been planning to paint a fish for quite some time. Months in fact. I finally mustered up the courage to do so and bought the fish below to paint. The first session I had spent on these totally went wrong. I was painting on an old linen board that I had ruined the surface of without realising and was unable to model on it. In my frustrations I wiped off the painting off the board and made my way home feeling defeated. However I am glad I decided not to give up and before reaching home I grabbed another fish (the pink one) and gave it another shot. I am proud I stuck with them. The challenges and smell alone in painting dead organisms is wild but hugely rewarding. Although I had knocked my own confidence a bit I managed to redeem it back by not giving up. I have a few more challenges i'd like to give myself over the spring break and plan to paint almost everyday. I WILL be great. Only I can make that happen and it will happen.

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