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End of term!

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

It feels like these past 10 weeks have just flown by, the whole term feels like it has ended too soon. It's been a great term though were I feel like i've definitely seen some growth within my work and have learnt tons.

We start off with a simple exercise that took us two sessions. We began with a grisaille keying in the correct values as we saw them. On the following session we added colour in the values we had already put down, essentially it felt a bit like painting from numbers but something about this lesson really made things click for me and I definitely felt like it was a valuable lesson to have.

In the painting below we practiced a different start to a painting, a more direct approach were we roughly apply colour notes for the entire picture in roughly the correct colours, than we build up to the final image slowly. It's a safer approach where you can 'creep' up on your painting in a manageable way.

3 hours - Oils

24 hours spent on this cast drawing I would call this as finished as I could get it in that amount of time. I definitely wish I could have made the transitions a little smoother along with some of the shading however overall I am pleased with it. It managed to make it back home with me where it gracefully rests on a spare couch until I figure out what to do with it.

Freshly finished and still glistening this is a fun little painting we spent 8 weeks on where I learnt a ton and was wonderfully guided though the course of these painting sessions.

Last but not least my favourite of the term. I spent 12 hours on this still life. Inspired by the idea of wanting to paint an absinthe spoon and the green on the absinthe, one of my tutors and I managed to marry a beautiful composition together bringing in elements we thought would look great together. Armed with an absinthe spoon, a great British bird (the magpie) and some sugar cubes we began. The process of painting this picture was invaluable in terms of lessons learnt. I was shown how to make feathers looks fluffy without over complicating them, how to create an atmosphere in the background and make choices on certain aspects of the painting that I would have never thought to do myself. I had great guidance on this piece from two of the best tutors whom in the end helped set a price for me as a fellow student loved it so much she wanted to buy it off me. I am sad to see it leave but wildly proud of my journey over the past year. From artistic growth, scholarships, trips to Paris in the name of art and personal discovery to selling my first oil painting. I can only imagine what the next year brings.

(The spoon and the sugar cube is my favourite)

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