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In it for the long haul

As we reach near the end of term the school sets longer projects for their students to work on. Generally that means 3-4 weeks dedicated to a figure, portrait or still life. Of course my advanced cast class is the lucky acception which we've had a 9 week project set from the beginning.


8 weeks into this cast it is starting to come together. At this point I am working on edges and shading in the differents planes on the cast to give it a little more 3 dimensionality. Still ignoring the reflective lights at this stage and keeping it simple.


This figure will be a 4 week figure painting, week one was spent drawing the figure and blocking in the shadow shapes in a grisaille. Week 2 adding a general tone down for the skin and background I achieved about 4 tones with this figure, next I will build on top of this and add more cooler shades to model into the lights.

Still Life:

Still life currently has to be one of my favorite classes, studying materials, brushwork, compositions and more has definitely been a great challenge. A few weeks ago I started this still life and spent about 6 hours on it in school. Unable to complete it there I managed to take it home and set up my props again and finish it off. I took this shot of it as it was still wet but I will upload a better picture of it on my website when it's ready. I may still revisit this project and further soften some edges and do a little more modeling. That being said I am actually happy with how this one came out. It's little spoon is my favorite bit of the piece. For those who are curious this is an old Victorian sugar pot equipped with its own little spoon.

Portrait & Composition:

As I post this I begin to realise how taxidermy might just be a thing I am drawn towards. This is a long project we have been working on from almost the beginning of term. Last session with the help of one of my tutors I was able to salvage this piece. I had made the skin muddy and couldn't quite understand how I could get the forms to turn despite my efforts. It's in a good place at the moment and I have another 3 weeks on it. Ignore the hand...although it may stay just as terrible as that if I don't get it together.

Still Life:

Once again working alongside of my teachers we set up another composition we liked and begin to paint it. This will be a 3 week project, the first week was spent painting in the grisaille. Originally I was inspired by the idea of having an Absinthe glass with the spoon and sugar cubes however we incorporated this taxidermy magpie into the scene and it gave it a whole different life. We positioned the lighting so it would be a little moodier. I am actually quite excited to start painting this piece, fingers crossed hoping it comes out well.

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