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New beginnings

This new year I decided to take it back to basics and go back to doing a foundation course again, however this time I opted to do my foundation course at the Dulwich Art Group. During this course we focus on a simpler start and more mass drawing. Every artist has their own way of starting paintings neither is more optimal than the other, it's whatever works best for you personally. I found a combination of pulling out lights in an imprimatura and mass drawing have been working best for me. What has been nice is that enough though I am familiar with the lessons being taught in the foundation course it's nice to be able to do the exercises again but focus on brush work and mixing transitions for my values. I am excited to see how I grow over the next few months. I finally feel like I am reaching a sufficient understanding in painting that is helping me push my work forward.


Building up portraits each week, trying to be a little more braver with putting notes of colours down and not over rendering. With this ten week portrait I am learning to time manage and pace myself according to the lessons I have to work within, being a little more methodical has helped with the process for sure. I will be working on my own self-portrait soon! Initial sketch done just need to throw on the paint now!

Figures and portraits are one of my biggest weaknesses so I am determined to learn as much as I can this term and push through a little more with them. Below are a few figure studies I did this term ranging from 20 mins, 2 days and 3 day projects.

Material studies!

THIS is where the fun really begins, in still-life we have been studying materials. Matte surfaces, metals and translucent.

The gummy bears in a jar are an hour quick study just throwing some paint down quickly working out some of the issues we may face during a longer gummy bear painting.

The spoon was a mental surface study that I did not get to finish but i'd love to finish soon as well as the matte surface skull and book. So many projects to complete so little time.

Last but not least I have been trying to paint flowers recently since I have the most amazing friends that are gracious enough to send me flowers. A beautiful gesture that I also can use to in paintings later on. Here are two paintings of some flowers I was practicing recently but never got the chance to finish. A common theme in all my work recently, I will try and do a longer study of flowers since it is valentines and I have received an unholy amount of them.

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