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Paris: The Louvre (day 2)

The Louvre:

Day 2 and it's almost dead silent at the Louvre at 8:45am on a Friday. I get into the line having pre-booked my tickets once again and wait till 9 for the doors to open. Armed with my audio guide, I was determined to see everything I could and locate all the paintings in the manual and more. I managed to see the Mona Lisa within a few minutes of entering the museum and quite easily snapped a shot of it. It's quite an underwhelming experience to finally see her in person as it's quite small and far away from the barriers. I swiftly moved onto the Winged Victory which a far more pleasant experience, it was relatively empty and the best way to experience the sculpture.

Having checked off the 2 major attractions there I was now free to explore the real treasures in peace. I attempted to see as much as I could, but it's an impossible task even for the most ambitious. I did manage to look at my favourites several times as I kept circling around the painting section the entire day.

Everything else is a whimsical blur at this point as I was determined to spend the entire day in there and managed to stay about 8 and a half hours mostly just in the paintings section. Only up until I felt like my spine needed to be removed for a stretching and my feet ached with every step.

Panoramic view of the Louvre at 8:45am

Rubens gallery

Chiaroscuro Printmaking and sketches at the Louvre featuring: Cranach, Raphael, Rubens and more.

I have recently acquired a little obsession over red chalk sketches and chalk in drawings from the Old Masters so this exhibition was an absolute treat. Inspired by it all I came back to school ready to render in my figure from week 5 at the Atelier (see previous post)

At the end of the day I treated myself to quite a large etching. The original painting below was by Andrea di Bartolo, titled: La Tete de saint Jean-Baptste.

Last day coming soon!

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