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Second year, second scholarship and many firsts

It's been a great first week back at school and quite the busy one. I started a new school as well as continuing to train at the LFAS, I began to teacher assist and already banked 3 commissions within 13 days into the new year.

First things first, I am taking myself back to the basics with artist Alex Tzavaras. Although his technique is very much similar to the one taught at LFAS's and also trained there his approach in mass is a little more simplified. We start straight away with paint which is an area I am dying to improve in, so I am excited to see my progression during my 12 weeks with him. I am hoping by the end of the term I come out with a more confident approach to starting paintings as well as a better understanding of paint application and mixing.

Back at the London fine art studio's I have been granted a second scholarship to help support my studies as well as permission to assist a teacher in one of their classes. I aim to hopefully bank a style of teaching of my own and lead my own class one day, maybe even tutorials online. The possibilities are endless, but I do feel like education is a precious skill to have under my belt for the future. I have a long was to go still in my personal artistic development however studying and assisting at the same time seem to compliment each other. I feel more connected with the process and can see when someone is struggling. One thing is for sure I am honoured to have the continued support from my friends, family and school.

Returning back to school after a little under 2 months was quite daunting since I, unfortunately, did not do much over the holidays. Which in turn I am actually not that mad about since I do feel like your brain just needs a break sometimes. LFAS's understood this and started off the week slow and eased us in. In my figure/portrait classes, we practised 20-40 minute poses with our model. During still life, we did compositional and material studies which were a great challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I set myself a 100 head challenge were I draw a portrait a day, a sketch or a fully rendered head, whatever it may be within my allotted time of the day. The idea is to improve on portrait drawings and move onto the next feature or my choosing. So far I am 5 days in and wanted to share my little black book of heads. They are not all from this challenge however I thought it would be nice to share the small sketchbook I plan on filling up.

Brown paper 20 min sketches from life

The Little Black Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are such a personal thing, it's basically an artists visual diary. I guess that's why so many artists are so precious about sharing their work in it. The sketches inside are honest and never to really intended to be judged by an audience. It almost feels like an invasion if someone uninvited flicks throw it, alas voyeurism feels dirty yet satisfying. So keep the change you filthy animals.

many of these are 10 minute sketches to an hour

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