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The Incantations Of A Scholar

It has been an exciting year for me studying at The London Fine Arts Studios. I started my journey in September 2017 with little knowledge of how to draw. Oil paints were a completely foreign medium to me as well as the classical approach to drafting. As I start the second year at the Atelier tracking my progression here will hopefully prove to be visually valuable along my journey.

The first week back we begin with short poses/sessions to warm back up into the term and remind ourselves of the fundamentals that will carry us into the rest of the term.

Day 1: Advanced Cast/Gesture and Anatomy

Single session cast on partridge paper, block in with 2 tones

20 min figure drawing (gesture and anatomy)

Day 2: Portrait and figure

We warm up with 40 minute portraits aiming to get the gesture and alignment correct

20 min portrait sketch (I had accidently erased my first draft)

40 minute portrait

40 min portrait

Below are 40 minute figure drawings focusing on gesture and proportion

Day 3: Still life

Throughout my still life classes Joni presented me with painting challenges to help me understand the theoretical elements of painting/lighting/materials etc. Feeling like one of my weaknesses is brushwork he presented me with 5 different artists with their own individual painting styles, going from 'tight to loose.' Below I attempted to paint the piece of garlic in the style of Euan Uglow and Diarmuid Kelly. I'd like to take a second pass at these to better distinguish the two different painting styles however I digress, 2 down 3 to go.

Second still life class going back to basics (I promise to take better photos in the future)

Day 4: Portrait/composition study

portraits done in natural lighting thinking more of the composition and overall image, I started with a rough sketch to begin with than drafted it in more detail on white paper. Wanting a dreamy but dark half lit composition. I will attempt a small study of this composition on Friday.

Ideally there should be another figure drawing below of my last figure class of the week, 12 simple lines to encompass the enveloping of the figure model and their gesture. Truthfully I failed so miserably on it that it wasn't worth taking a picture of let alone posting. Fingers crossed for my next figure lesson.

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