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The Louvre - Abu Dhabi Edition + Portrait Modeling

It has been an exciting winter break so far packed with new experiences! Since the end of the term, I was asked to portrait model for the winter short course at the London Fine arts Studios. This entailed 5 days, 5 hours a day of sitting still with a few breaks in between. I have a whole new respect for our life models, to say the least, portrait modelling is not as easy as it seems. To maintain the same position for 20 minutes, sometimes more for demonstrations, staring at the same point the entire time while trying not to give the students a totally bland fronton pose was very difficult. However, it was quite exciting at the same time to see their progress and listen to the lessons as revise what we already knew.

Joni Duarte, our senior tutor, was the instructor for the week and it was an honour to be drawn by him despite us giving him a hard time. Below are a few of the little gems of the week he drew of us. I have to add in literally no time at all.

The whole experience was a treat and a pleasure to have spent the week with a few of my favourite people at the atelier!

The Louvre!

I do not really have to vocabulary to be able to efficiently describe The Louvre in Abu Dhabi. It is indeed one of the most stunning places I have ever been to with the added bonus of it being an actual art Museum. I had been planning to visit the museum since I knew of its existence and it did not disappoint. It was minimalistic yet futuristic, elegantly adorned with both modern and classic art. From iconic paintings, installations, sculptures and artefacts.

The building itself is breathtaking, the modern architecture is its own masterpiece. The final cost of the construction is expected to be about €600 million. In addition, US$525 million was paid by Abu Dhabi to be associated with the Louvre name, and an additional US$747 million will be paid in exchange for art loans, special exhibitions and management advice. This means that the title The Louvre is only contracted to the Abu Dhabi museum for the next 30 years. The UAE spare no expenses in having the best and the biggest when it comes to their country and The Louvre is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of this. It is also one of the most stunning places to take pictures.

It's been a magical past few weeks. To wrap it all up I was greeted with the most beautiful and thoughtful gift once I arrived back to London, the largest bouquet of flowers of different kinds. I had expressed to a friend that I wanted to learn to paint flowers as my next artistic endeavour. Low and behold...

I am continually grateful for all the experiences and amazing monumental moments I've had throughout the past year, the most incredible friends I've made along my journey as well as the ones that have stood by me. Not to mention all my teachers and mentors who have nurtured me throughout this year. I am ready to work even harder this coming year and excited to see what new ventures it brings. Lets tick off a few more museums around the world off the bucket list!

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