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Week 2

All of the work below are single session paintings/drawings (3 hours)

Day 1: Advanced Cast

The beginning construction of a 27 hour cast drawing. This should take the term to complete (7 weeks left) So we take is super slow and perfect every line and lightly draft it all in. Next step will be lightly shading in to see the shapes in the lights and darks.

Day 2: Portrait and Figure

Materials - Willow Charcoal ( 3 Hour session each)

This could have been a decent portrait but I didn't quite get the likeness of the model, in that regard i'd say this was an unsuccessful attempt.

Construction and block in stage. We block in the shadows to help us see the proportions easier. Measuring the negative spaces against the light helps see what shapes need to be corrected. Here, I have made the legs too short OR the torso too long. There is always 2 ways of seeing what's wrong with your construction. Making the torso too long has forever been my recurring issue, despite consciously trying to avoid this mistake.

Day 3: Still life

Garlic study painted in the style of Walter Vaes (3 of 5)

Another study in Burnt Umber, this time we set up the composition making it a little prettier. This was done in 2 hours as I had to leave class a little earlier than expected.

Day 4: Portrait and Figure

Stage one construction

stage 2 block in

complete (as far as I could render it in one session)

Line drawing

blocking in the shadows

The beginning of the rendering stage

I jumped the gun on this one a little however I do have a figure drawing this time unlike last Friday. The exercise for this class was to focus on placement, proportion, gesture, and shadow shapes not going beyond 2 tones. Ideally maintaining stage 2 of this drawing and perfecting the shadows and shapes in that stage should have been where I stopped. Misreading my critique in class thinking 'keep going' meant you can now model in the lights I did so wrongfully. Although I'm not hating the end result even at its incomplete state.

I will be a better student

I will be a better student

I will be a better student

I will be a better student x1000

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