• Annam

Week 3

Day 1

Advanced Cast

3rd week blocking in lightly

Gesture and Anatomy

4 minute poses catching the gesture

20 minute gesture indicating a few muscles

Day 2


1 session block in. We will go into modeling next session.

Day 3

Still life

1 garlic, 5 painters, 5 different styles. Completed.

Here, I tried to mimic the styles of 5 different artists with their own painting styles. It was a challenge for sure however a great exercise. I observed what made their styles individual to them understanding how they chose to leave their edges, how tight/lose their brushwork is and how they modelled their objects. In the next class, I will try and paint a composition in the style of any artist I choose from or even an amalgamation of a few.

(Left) Euan Uglow (Right) Diarmuid Kelley

(Left) Walter Vaes (Right) Qiang Huang

Richard Schmid

2nd still life class

I set up a composition I thought would work nicely, when setting up I wanted to have 3 different materials that were different sizes and textures so I chose a metal pot, a book and a small glass bottle. The objective of this class was to get through at least 2 out of 4 stages of painting. First being the construction and block in stage in Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber and secondly doing a colour block with their true colours. I wasn't able to get very far with this but I am happy with it so far. I won't be able to finish this piece as we want to only work on the beginning stages of painting for now however I am please I made the materials look like they are supposed to even in the early stages, the metal looks brassy, the book looks like a book and the glass was about to come into play.

Day 4


In class we got to set up a fun little composition for our portrait model. We could choose to incorporate as little or as much as we wanted. I chose to incorporate the owls of course. I got to the general construction stage and a bit of the block in before the session ended. We have about 7 weeks to work on this piece.


Okay so I got further than this stage in my figure drawing and it was looking great before I filled in the background and shadow shapes...howwwwever! I forgot to take a picture at that stage. So here is my broad lines mapping out the gesture and general anatomy of the figure.

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