• Annam

week 4

Advanced Cast -

The slow grind continues until the end of the term on this charcoal drawing. We started using charcoal pencil to fill in the background, next week I will go into modeling the cast in willow charcoal.

Gesture and Anatomy

5 minute pose

40 minute pose focusing on the muscles and tendons in the legs

40 minute pose


In portrait class this week we focused on noses, however to study features we roughly indicate how they would sit on the face and relate to other features. The gesture of the head also helps us to understand different angles on the nose as the head changes position.

Nose studies


2 week figure study. In the second week we focused on values and plane changes. A change in plane is a change in value! The code to live by at the atelier, that and 'simplify.'

2 week figure study in charcoal pencil

Still life

After finishing my infamous garlic studies (see previous post) I had to paint a composition of my choice in the style of the artist I favoured. I chose Qiang Huang and tried to make choices in my painting that he would have made in his own work. How did I fare?

3 hour oil on canvas

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