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Week 6 & 7

21 hours into this cast drawing and it is starting to come together I believe, we can now start to get a feel of it's 3-dimensionality. I will slowly be building up more values next week and than go into refining and modeling as little more.

More features! Ears and necks was a surprisingly satisfying element to draw. Mapping in the head we placed the ears on them in relation to where they ideally should be, taking into account the models gesture as well. we spent 20 minutes on the neck and another 20 on the ears. Usually by the 3rd study I begin to understand how to render each feature correctly and you can see this progression in the images below or previous posts.

I added a delicate yet cheeky little string of hair

One of the most exciting things for me this week was the prospect of using red chalk on my figure drawing. Having got a second chance to draw our life model Tom again and get his proportions right, I was even more excited to render him in a medium I heavily associate with the Old Masters. Tom came out fairly decent, or at least I was satisfied with the result. In particular I am keen on experimenting with the medium and finding a style that suits me. The possibilities are endless as they are with willow charcoal however the warmth of red chalk adds a bit of a dynamic to the figure.

In still life class I practiced painting in the style of Qiang Huang one again to try and emulate him a little better. Of course practice makes perfect, the tricky thing here was trying to paint this metal object, no one quite knows what it is. We guessed it maybe some type of candle holder? Anyway, it has a substantial amount of holes in it that were impossible to draw in paint. Therefore I ignored them but also had run out of time. Not happy with the fact that I didn't get to complete my painting but I suppose that wasn't the exercise. The task was to play a little more with the style of brush work which I was still quite reserved about.

3 hour still life

Finally over half term my still like class was given the task of painting a still life in the style of a painter you like. Being a little unclear on the task I painted the composition of a painter I liked in a very reserved style of Qiang Huang. I received critique on it that I found very useful. For example building up thicker layers of paint to describe an edge, also on how the perspective of the book is a little more angled to make it look like it is sitting better. I am glad I was able to make the time to paint as I learnt a lot from approaching a painting myself without the guidance of my teachers.

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